I am proud to represent  Doctor’s Surgery & Medical Centre – an organization with the most skilled, dedicated and passionate team of people I have experienced in my 35-year career. In the very challenging environment we now face, where Covid-19 constraints and ever-growing patient care needs have stretched our hospital beyond its capacity, the support of our community inspires us to remain steadfast in our goal to lead positive change that continually improves patient care.

Our ability to do so is very positively influenced by the incredible support and generosity of our Doctors. It is their ongoing untamed effort that has helped us to innovate and provide the highest standard of care possible for the nearly one-thousand patients per week, when they need us most.

Doctor’s Surgery & Medical Centre try’s to meet the region’s growing health care needs, in order to continually improve patient outcomes; innovate through ground-breaking research; acquire state-of-the-art equipment; and expand programs that will help shape and advance a more effective system of health for the future.

I encourage you to reach out to my colleagues at Doctor’s Surgery & Medical Centre to learn more about how you can get facilitated to your  greatest needs. Whether at our hospital, specialized OPD’s  or our staff we are providing the best possible care to patients and families throughout our community.

Thank you to all those whose contributions help change and save lives.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mussadiq Khan
President & CEO
Doctor’s Surgery & Medical Centre